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We believe that a logo is more than just a pretty graphic, logos in our view should impart some essence of the business that they represent. Back in the old days when we were still living in caves every now and then a designery fellow would stand up amongst his peers and smear markings on the walls - these marking were the roots of graphic design from pictures of antelope to mythical creatures and folklore the pictures became iconic and took on symbolic meanings...

Logo Design or Corporate Identity Design is about making a graphic that portrays the entity, there are no longer such fixed rules about logos anymore as we move out of the print era into digital media we can output the most spectacular gradients and colours as we are working with light (RGB - red, green and blue), logos can include special fonts, have meaninful devices (symbols) or even specific colour choices that all imbue that deeper meaning... Logos are beautiful things and should be treated as such.

Often our website project clients will ask us to redesign or refresh their logo and we always give our best, we have designed logos for various clients in industries such as: Logos for Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and Guesthouses; Logos for Recruitment Agencies, Livestock Exporters, Online Booking Engines and even Sports Blogs; and finally logos for Ecommerce Sites or Online Shops.


ITS NICE Logo & Brand Development

ITS NICE Online Shop Logo & Brand Development

Logo Design & Branding

Custom Web Design & Development of Guesthouse & Restaurant

Website Design & Development

Custom Web Design & Development of Guesthouse & Restaurant located in Grahamstown

Complimentary Cards

Complimentary Cards Design for Packaging to be included in online Purchased Products Parcels.

Logo CID and web design

New website design for Yarra Packaging including logo update – site is an effective product catalogue with advanced filtering

Logo CID and website design

Create custom designed website for OGC, consulting services to the Oil, Gas and Coal industry.

Logo & landing page

Create a highly refined logo/ CID and landing page for Grant Myburgh brand consultant specialist in hospitality concepts in food…

Rebranding & redesign

New owners bought the property and completely modernised it - we redesigned the site along with the branding.

Logo and stationery

Provide client with print ready vector logo and email + MS office stationery with new branding.

Branding and stationery

Provided the client with print-ready logo and CID branding along with email signature and MS office stationery

Logo design

Design and finalise logo for Event Insurance product by Suretimes Insurance "The Big Event" 

Branding & stationery

Provided the client with branding and stationery to portray them in a professional light inline with their brand strategy we…

New Logo & Brand Development

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Logo Design

Logo design for professional indemnity insurance offering from Suretimes Insurance. Artwork + raw files

Logo & Stationery

Custom logo design to capture the essence of Dover-on-Sea and then applied that to stationery and email signatures

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