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Is your business in the cloud? - Excuse me please, what does that even mean?... well I'm here to explain a little and of course sell you on some of our cloud services :) because the cloud is the future and the future is erm... Cloudy? Okay enough of the chitty chatty, cloud services - you heard of dropbox and gdrive by google? these are examples of cloud services, you want to collaborate on projects or be able to access your work files from your home computer -> go for the cloud.

So just like in school we learnt that not all clouds are created equal, you get cumulonimbus (Thunderheads) stratos cirrus etc etc well, so too with Cloud computing services. Although Dropbox and Gdrive are great free services (Which I use a lot) they are not enterprise level, so if you would like your backups/ remote office collaborations etc to have access control (Not everyone can see everything) then our premium services are something you should consider.

Preimum Cloud Computing Services: you know how awful it is when your computer dies and you take it to the techie and he says... erm sorry man its like dead hey... well whatcha gonna do homes? I mean when your Hard Drive kicks the bucket - whats gonna happen to your data? Ah yes the cloud... :) you see you could just buy an external HDD and load all your stuff there, but if something happens to that? - Here's why a cloud solution is better. Cloud Service Backups, it installs a service on your machine that once it has run the first entire backup it only backs-up the files that have changed - to the cloud (What is the cloud? - think of a few server farms - AKA: data centers, well now your data is stored at secure levels at a few of them (this is called redundancy) so if one kicks the bucket - your data is still safe... Crucial for businesses... so crucial simply leaving your backups to a external hard drive seems irresponsible - and the management of the backups a real pain, compared to an automated service with the data being stored off-site under secure conditions.

Some of the cloud services we are now pleased to offer: Data Synching for project collaboration. PABX systems a fraction of the cost of the normal route with hefty infrastructure layouts and then of course our Data Backup Cloud Service. Call us today to get more info, of course you know I like to tailor things and I prefer the human relationships over the telephonic ones so I'd be happy to meet and chat about your various options to suit your needs.

Cloud services bring enterprise level infrastructure and services to the masses by distributing the cost - this is much more effiecient, going forward we will see much more of this methodology from SAAS (Software as a service - Adobe CSS6 etc) to web applications and even Hosted CRMS, if you are serious about your business and being prepared for the future - give us a call today.

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