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So the latest buzz word going round now in the online circles is "CX Online" and no not the Knysna Numberplate kind :) but rather referring to customer experience. Particularly as it pertains to the internet and online activity. Its no surprise really - with all the automation around and only heading for more that we are now seeing this make an early introduction.

So as always I will give you my interpretation of this, others may share my views or have their own... Here is my 2 cents. So as the internet has expanded and automation (AI) and fake AI (creating user journeys for all anticipated user experiences) have started to take hold we are now dealing with a more black and white no room for error/ human-ness issue. AI and systems like JIBO coming soon are going to takle this issue to make the technology more friendly but for now we sit with fixed models of what is right and wrong action online - with you either having the experience of smooth sailing online or "Fuck this, its not worth the effort - knee-jerk reaction"...  And its safe to assume that there is a lot of the latter going on and thus the emergence of CX.

CX seeks to make the tech more approachable, tailored to the individual - the feeling you get when you are online and the journey unfolds like a gentle conversation with a friend. Its an extension to user experience, that goes beyond where items are placed on a page and how accessible and easy to use the site it, but more towards how good you feel about yourself after using it.

And when you put it like that, you can see the market for it... Sites/ APPs that you can engage with make you feel better about yourself - imagine the big charities who are able to put together those heart-wrenching TV commercials start taking this onboard with the way they market and develop their websites... Combine this with the coming AI integrations and BIG Data implementations that will have websites knowing who you are and what you stand for (values) and you are entering a whole new era of Marketing. There has never been a more exciting time to be alive and being in the online space we at Originate Media look forward to implementing this new concept.

A few months ago we partnered up with another company to create GoLocal.Travel a site specialising in travel rates for locals only. One of the biggest factors in our approach has been an always will be to not lose the human-ness of online business, automation to improve productivity is good, but not at the expense of the human interaction and joy of being. We believe that our approach in GoLocal.Travel is unique and will give us a competitive advantage at a time when automation is faced with the rise of Customer Experience Online. Tech is not about replacing people, but rather adding to and enhancing making more productive the human experience.

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