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Some of the questions you might ask about this subject: so what is responsive web design? what does it mean to your average Joe - more importantly why should I be aware of it? Well responsive websites respond to different browser sizes and orientations, they expand or shrink to fit a wide array of screens. In the past we would have used a mobile plugin or mobile component to auto detect the browser and screensize and then serve up a site styled to fit that. But as we have so many different screensizes and browsers there has been some development into producing one site that responds to the various screens trying to access it

So lets talk about Responsive templates for Joomla or themes for Wordpress, the way it works is that as you visit the site, the site is aware of your browser/ screensize and inside the stylesheets, we now have some new declarations: @media which says: Yo whenever a screensize this size: x tries to access the site give them these declarations: xyz... Whats happening here is the content, the images and even the styles themselves remain intact while additional code is added to decide what to do about the declared screensize.

So what does this mean?? Well 1. you would no longer need to pay for the development of a .mobi site - redundant. 2. You setup your site on Joomla and whenever you get tired of the look of it just have a new template designed - one of course that is responsive - this way you do it once and reuse it over and over, no teardowns and start from ground-zero. 3. The trends are there and as more mobile phones move into the smart phone arena this side of online access/ internet connectivity can only go one way - busier... more and more, so if you site is lookig like a dog's breakfast on a smart phone or if your having a new site developed - consider the implications of not going responsive - how will peeps with smart phones see your site?

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